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Anthony Donataccio

Facilitator | Coach | Mentor

Hi there, I’m Anthony Donataccio.

I’m a Clarity Facilitator and Self-Leadership Mentor helping introverted people who are facing significant challenges in their life, at a personal, business or career level.

My initial focus of exploration with clients is on Clarity and Self-Leadership, because you are the only expert of your life, and when you start discovering more about this, you’ll start to see more of what is and always has been available to you.

I enjoy working with INTROVERTS from all walks of life, and over recent years, have found that many have come to me from the business world with problems such as:

·     Anxiety and Overwhelm

·     Finding solutions to complex business problems

·     Team loyalty and culture issues

·     Relationship problems

The ONE thing I have found to be TRUE when working with people, no matter what the challenge or issue is that they’re up against, is this: it always comes down to a simple and innocent misunderstanding of what has and is really happening all the time.

If you’d like to explore more and get a better sense of what I’m sharing with you here, and how I may be able to help, then…

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A Short History On How I Got Here

Looking back at when I got my first job for a fresh produce retailer at the young age of 14, working a few hours before and after school six days a week, I found myself always being CURIOUS and wanting to know HOW things worked, and WHY it was they worked that way.

This “on the job” real-life education provided me a wonderful foundation and jumping-off point that in the next 20 plus years has led me to experience working in various leadership and management positions across many industries, including retail (both brick & mortar and online) to banking, private investigation to wealth management, and digital marketing to systems consulting.

It also provided me with the opportunity to travel and work on various projects around the world, and from that, I have experienced interactions with a wide variety of cultures at both the personal and commercial level.

However, as each year passed, regardless of what I was doing at the time, and as wonderful as it sounded to others, I would find myself experiencing many fabulous ups, but then also many not so pleasant, and sometimes, very dark downs.

What I began to discover though was that whenever I experienced these downs, I always started looking for answers.

The problem was that the more I looked, the more confused I found myself.

I’d find myself attending workshops and live events, reading books, listening to audio books, speaking to specialists, the list goes on and on.

It seemed everyone had the perfect way to overcome “insert problem here”.

And while I found that many of those things would help for a little while, I would always seem to find myself getting extremely frustrated again not long after, leading to another downer.

It was like all these “solutions” I had found were really only a band-aid fix, which only stuck while the adhesive was still good.

Fast forward a decade …

Over this time, I had accumulated a heap of knowledge, tactics and strategies on how to best approach life from many well-intentioned “gurus” in the personal development world.

The problem was I still felt stuck.

Sure, I had what looked on the surface to be an amazing life, filled with adventure, travelling, investments, a great paying job, etc., but the truth was that I still felt unfulfilled, stressed and unhappy most of the time.

Then, almost by chance, I stumbled upon and was introduced to something so profound, so simple that I almost decided to pass on it, thinking it was just some other BS strategy.

But being the curious guy that I am, I thought I’d dive into learning more about this “understanding” of life and how the human mind really works, which was so very different to everything I had learnt in all those years of searching.

As I continued my deep dive into this “understanding”, I began experiencing new insights which led to having even more insights.

It was as though as I started to see more, I started to see even more, and the best thing is that so many of the little things that would bother me, or get me frustrated and stressed out, simply didn’t have the same effect they used to.

This was a real game-changer, as I began to realise that I didn’t have to actually do anything.

There wasn’t any special system I had to follow or positive affirmation process to implement.

In fact, I was actually doing a lot less, while achieving and experiencing more in my life and in business.

But the BIG realisation occurred when I began sharing what I had started seeing and experiencing for myself with other people that were coming up against challenges and problems in their world.

As we began exploring their challenges together, I would begin to notice that they too were innocently experiencing their challenges because of the same simple misunderstanding I had fallen for.

The same misunderstanding that had kept me stuck and confused for years.

But as I continued to share and explore with them, they too began to see more of what was really possible, and the flow-on effect was nothing less than wonderful.

For many of them, it was from this place of insight and possibility that new innovations would be born, productivity would increase, personal relationships would flourish, anxiety and overwhelm would dissolve, and most importantly of all, they would find themselves engaged more frequently in a richer and more fulfilled life, regardless of what the external circumstances were.

So, this is where I find myself today …

Having travelled to more than 45 countries and having explored deep conversations with various business owners and leaders, from many different industries and cultures, I’ve enjoyed discovering a new level of understanding around perspectives and insights.

And it’s from my own personal journey and experiencing insights for myself that I am able to help my fellow HUMANS do the same so that they can begin experiencing more ENJOYMENT, HAPPINESS and LOVE in their lives.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve discovered to be TRUE it’s this …

When We Feel Better, We Do Better.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.